So läuft ein professioneller Bike-Test

This is how a professional bike test works

"Which model and size do I need? How do I sit correctly on my bike? Which bike is best for me to achieve my sporting goals?" We find time and time again that athletes don't have to decide on the big investment of a bike based on their own experience and a test. We thought it couldn't go on like this, because when you literally spend thousands of euros, you really don't want to buy a "pig in a poke". That's why we now offer you the opportunity to test and adjust the bike so that it fits you perfectly with our bike test tour.

At the Germany-wide bike test tour, we offer you a comprehensive range of bikes and top advice. Our goal is to present the bikes independently of the manufacturer and to give triathletes of all performance classes the opportunity to test different models extensively before investing in a triathlon bike.

Huge selection

We believe that at a bike test event our athletes should be able to try out a wide range of bikes in order to "experience" differences between the models themselves. Triathlon bikes are the ultimate weapon in the fight against time. The geometry is designed for optimal aerodynamics and the best possible power transmission in the aero position, but:

Aerodynamics, geometry, rigidity, weight, equipment - many properties of our presented bicycles vary considerably, but this only becomes noticeable when riding. Also: different manufacturers sometimes follow very different strategies when designing and equipping their models (beginners, middle class, high-end) and often work with their own size charts.

At the bike test tour, we therefore offer you a huge test fleet: four manufacturers, ten different models, almost 30 bikes in total.

You can find all models here: at a glance

In order not to be overwhelmed with this selection, it makes sense to narrow down the models that are relevant for you (e.g. aerodynamics vs. equipment, beginner vs. advanced, short distance vs. long distance, etc.). This information is already collected when registering for the bike test tour, so that a sensible model selection can be made.

Find the right thing

At the beginning, each participant receives their individual test sheet. This later serves as a note, evaluation sheet and decision-making aid. An experienced team (we guarantee 1:1 support) is now ready to support you during the bike test:

  • Advice, model and size selection
  • hiring assistance
  • Observe seating position from the outside
  • give personal feedback
  • find the next alternative

You can use this scheme to put different bike models through their paces. Your test sheet is your constant companion, on which you can evaluate all models in comparison to each other. We recommend testing three to a maximum of five bikes. In the end, the winner is clear: your super bike, your "living room" !

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