Saucony Endorphin Collection

The purpose of endorphin is simple: to make it easier to run fast. The American running shoe specialist invested more than two years in the development of the first running shoe model with a carbon sole . Over 25 prototypes have been tested and developed in collaboration with Saucony 's elite runners. The Endorphin Pro forms the core model of the Endorphin Collection together with the Endorphin Speed ​​and Endorphin Shift.

" The purpose of endorphin is simple: to make it easier to run fast ," said Shawn Hoy, Saucony 's vice president of global product. "The Endorphin Pro was tested and developed by and for Saucony athletes. Together with US Olympic skater Jared Ward, our team of designers and engineers worked to develop the shoe's patented, always-forward geometry. Now it's time Time to put all that good work to the test.When our athletes take to the starting line around the world, we're confident that the Endorphin Pro will push them to reach their goal."

The new Endorphin collection from Saucony has the right model for every runner to run fast and efficiently. The focus is on the unique combination of the new SpeedRoll technology and the new cushioning material PWRRUN . The PWRRUN cushioning made of innovative PEBA material enables energy recovery of 88 percent , is temperature-independent and 40 percent lighter than conventional EVA material. The SpeedRoll technology brings the hips into a more active and dynamic running position and, by shifting the body's center of gravity, ensures improved running economy. The interaction of the two elements enables a significantly more efficient run and faster regeneration after training.

Saucony is presenting three models with the new SpeedRoll technology, which can be used individually for different types of running as well as training or competition units.

Endorphin Pro

The Endorphin Pro is the model for race day . Equipped with the ultra-light PWRRUNPB cushioning material , SpeedRoll technology and an S-shaped carbon plate, this ensures a new and faster running experience. The propulsion becomes more powerful and energetic thanks to the S-shaped carbon plate that runs the entire length of the shoe and the PWRRUNPB cushioning. Inspired by the design and lightness of a spike shoe, the upper material wraps the foot in a particularly light and performance-oriented manner. With a drop of 8 millimeters and just 213 grams (US 9), this model is designed for speed.

Endorphin Speed

The Endorphin Speed ​​is the training model for fast units . The model is equipped with all the technologies like the Endorphin Pro, just without the carbon sole. Instead, an equally S-shaped nylon plate ensures a more natural running feeling. Just like the Endorphin Pro, the design of the upper material is inspired by that of a spike shoe. With the Endorphin Speed, this is double-layered and therefore more resistant and durable. A light TPU heel cap provides more support in the shoe without impairing the free running feeling. At 221 grams, the Endorphin Speed ​​is slightly heavier than the Endorphin Pro.

Endorphin Shift

The Endorphin Shift was also developed in collaboration with Saucony 's elite runners. A training model that is similar to the Endorphin Pro and Speed, but combines the advantages of a training shoe with the technologies of the competition model. The SpeedRoll technology also ensures natural and forward-moving rolling behavior in daily training. The specially shaped PWRRUN + midsole, which has neither a carbon nor a nylon plate compared to the other two models in the Endorphin collection, puts the hips in an active and upright running position and helps to create a more dynamic running feeling. The PWRRUN+ topsole distributes forces over a larger area, thereby reducing local pressure. The stable yet lightweight TPU heel counter provides support in the shoe and adapts to a variety of different foot shapes.

From April, the Endorphin collection will only be available in stationary shops: The Endorphin Pro will be launched on June 1, 2020 , followed by Endorphin Speed ​​and Shift on July 1, 2020.


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