It's Time to Zwift: Neue Strecken, neue Funktionen

Long Beach, California - Zwift news: the global online fitness platform for cyclists today announced a number of enhancements that will make the platform even more attractive and fun for both existing and new users.

Zwift improvements

To celebrate the start of the Zwift season, the Zwift product design team has unveiled their product roadmap through the end of 2022. Improvements in game content overview, new training features, more routes, improved event features and more on-demand services are some of the highlights that will help cyclists master their fully personalized indoor season with Zwift.

"Making Zwift even easier is one of the greatest opportunities for success for us and our growing audience. We're always looking for new ways to make Zwift more accessible, easier to use, and more fun - whether you're new to the platform or have been years," said Mark Cote, vice president of content at Zwift. "Because Zwift is so diverse, this year we've focused on expanding the tools that enable our community to create their own Zwift experience. We've enhanced in-game exploration, expanding the Zwift Clubs' toolsets and also added to our library of 24-7 on-demand content. We believe this season's expansions will make Zwift even more engaging and customizable for all members around the world."

Training has been one of our main focuses this season. Home screen UI improvements will make it easier to learn more about the extensive collection of workouts and training plans. Zwifters will be able to filter their workouts by duration and perceived exertion. Thanks to improved graphic details, you can also learn more about the individual training sessions.


One of Zwift's most successful innovations is PacePartners, which has passed the FutureWorks testing program. PacePartners feature prominently on the home screen, giving Zwift users the ability to join a group ride to train together at different speeds. The new hologram function was developed according to the PacePartners principle. Introduced as part of the FutureWorks testing program, this feature allows Zwifters to compete against a ghost of their previous personal records, creating a competitive element to training. The FutureWorks Holographic Replays create a better understanding of the right pace in any given segment of the game.

Route based workouts

Another exciting innovation are the route-based workouts. Route-based workouts are an alternative to FTP training and make it easier to get started with structured training on the platform. These use the Zwift terrain and marked segments to create a structured training plan, with a mix of different requirements. This new feature will first appear in the Zwift Academy Road program before expanding with additional training plans throughout the season. Zwifters using terrain-based workouts don't need to know their FTP, but can learn more about their strengths through the system. The terrain-based workouts accurately calculate the FTP, allowing you to get started with "traditional" structured training. They also give Zwifters an insight into their cycling phenotype and help them better understand their strengths and weaknesses on the bike.

Also interesting


Zwift racing has always been a popular way to train. This year's calendar and other details can be found on a new dedicated racing website. On-demand racing is an exciting way to spark the desire to compete and even compete in the UCI Esports World Championships. The Zwift Racing League is back and open for registration. The Zwift Racing League is Zwift's largest competitive league with more than 1,800 teams and 15,000 riders participating last season and features races for all skill levels.

New this season is ZRacing – a themed racing series that changes monthly. ZRacing offers perpetual, easily accessible competition. There is a new stage every week. Those who take part can earn a monthly badge. ZRacing is designed so that the schedule can be adjusted. You can warm up, race, and then cool down in under an hour.

Zwift - even more possibilities

For those looking for elite competition, Zwift will once again host the UCI Cycling Esports World Championships in 2023. As in 2022, you will again be able to qualify via the Zwift platform. Qualifying events followed by continental championships will offer every Zwifter the opportunity to represent their country and follow the path of 2022 UCI Cycling Esports World Champion Loes Adegeest.

For those who regularly participate in Zwift racing, there have been a number of new developments that make Zwift racing more fun and also fairer. One of the most popular event series is the WTRL Team Time Trial League, a race format that is also run in the Zwift Racing League. The new TTT racing functionality helps improve the collaborative nature of competition on the platform.

Additionally, Zwift introduced auto categorization to make Zwift races more fair. Automatic categorization ensures Zwift riders are matched with riders of similar ability based on their most recent ride history.

And finally, the thing all Zwifters love - new routes! The Zwift universe is constantly expanding and November will see Makuri Islands expand with roads, gravel and dirt tracks weaving through the lush Urukazi map. "Urukazi" is a combination of two Okinawan words - "uru" means "shore", and "kazi" means "breeze". The combination of the two words is intended to evoke the quiet, unspoilt character of the southern Japanese archipelago.

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