Training der Woche (50): Schwimmen

In our training of the week, we regularly introduce you to a training session typical of the season.

swimming program

Swim in 200-400m

4x150m complex exercise: 25m Kr legs + 50m technique + 75m Kr overall position

50m easy

Series: 4x25m + 1x100m + 1x200m

4x25m: Kr Sprint, P: 15s

100m individual medley (change of 25 layers), P: 30s

200m Kr Arms GA1 (with Pull Buoy)

then 50m loose any

Repeat series: Beg. 1 more time, advanced 2 more times

4x100m (advanced only)

1-3: Kr GA2 with paddles, P: 30s

4: Rü GA1

4x100m (all)

1-3: Kr GA2 without paddles, P: 20s

4: Rü GA1

1x400m GA1 (all)

Swim out 100-200m

2,400 - 3,200m

Enjoy the training!

Swimming seminars for triathletes


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