Zeit für "Winterreifen": Trailschuhe für alle Bedingungen

Whether loose gravel, muddy dirt roads or snow-covered forest floor - with the right footwear you can easily master any terrain. Trail shoes are primarily adapted to the difficult conditions in autumn and winter thanks to their special sole structure. So no more excuses not to be able to run outside and even discover new paths.

The right grip on any surface is primarily ensured by a deeper, more grippy sole profile. The principle is similar to that of winter tires : the trail profiles, with their deep and wide grooves, absorb snow or mud much better than conventional running shoes. If snow presses into the wide profile grooves, this increases the grip when you put your foot down on snow-covered paths. Because nothing sticks to snow better than snow itself.

Dry feet in any weather thanks to the Goretex membrane
Furthermore, many models have waterproof surface fabric. Shoes with the addition "GTX" have the upper material reinforced with a waterproof Goretex membrane - this also ensures dry feet in mud and wet conditions.

With these models you can look forward to autumn and winter:

+++ Asics Trabuco 10 GTX +++

Asics Trabuco 10 GTX - Men

Asics Trabuco 10 GTX - Ladies

Description: GORE-TEX inserts in the upper prevent rain and mud from getting inside the shoe. The stone protection plate is flexible and protects your foot from sharp stones and rough terrain. The outsole features ASICSGRIP technology.

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+++ Saucony Peregrine 12 & Peregrine 12 GTX +++

Peregrine 12

Peregrine 12 GTX

Description: Lighter. More quickly. funnier. With the new stud arrangement, dirt and mud don't stand a chance and the sole made of PWRTRAC rubber provides additional traction and grip. There are no trails that you cannot master.

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+++ Saucony Ride 15 TR GTX +++

Ride 15 TR GTX - Men

Ride 15 TR GTX - Women

Description: Lighter. softer. More quickly. The Ride 15 TR GTX combines the pronounced all-rounder properties of the Saucony Ride with a profiled PWRTRAC outsole and a waterproof Goretex membrane. The versatile, protective all-round package guarantees wearing comfort and forward momentum with every step.

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+++ Brooks Ghost 14 GTX +++

Brooks Ghost 14 GTX - Men

Brooks Ghost 14 GTX - Women

Description: Waterproof running shoe for the street. It doesn't matter whether it's wet from below or above - the GTX membrane keeps your feet dry. Soft cushioning and super-soft transitions ensure comfort over every kilometer and in any weather.

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