Schwimmen für Triathleten: Atempyramide – Training für die Lunge

Are you running out of ideas for your swim training again? Then you could incorporate breathing pyramids into your training. These exercises are particularly suitable for basic endurance training in autumn and winter. You will also practice how to deal with oxygen debt in the water.

Breathing plays a central role in swimming. Sure, at some point you have to get air again, but on the other hand, each breath breaks the swimming rhythm and worsens the hydrodynamics. In competition, it is also the case that you can hardly catch your breath in the crowd - an unpleasant situation, but you can prepare for it.

It is therefore worthwhile not only to work on clean (breathing) technique in autumn and winter, but also to train tolerance. If you have more air, you can still swim the 3-stroke even under stress. This gives you a better overview in the water because you breathe evenly on both sides.

Execution instructions respiratory pyramid

The breathing pyramids are always carried out at a relaxed pace with a focus on clean technique. Even when there is a lack of oxygen, the swimming style should remain calm and effective. Once you get the hang of it, you'll notice that it's actually much better if you're calm!

These exercises also help train your lung capacity and deal with oxygen debt. Since the breathing pyramids are always designed for both breathing sides, you also train to become more stable on your weaker breathing side under stress.

Also interesting

Small breathing pyramid (hobby triathlete)

7 x 100m freestyle, GA1, 30 second rest

2, breathe right


4 long slide, breathe on the right

5 long slide

4 long slide, breathe on the left


2, breathe left

Big Breath Pyramid (Performance Triathlete)

10 x 100m freestyle, each 75m GA1 + 25m GA2, 20 second break

2, breathe right

4s, breathe right

6 long slide, breathe on the right

8-seater long slide, breathe on the right

9er (only GA I)

9er (only GA I)

8-seater long slide, breathe on the left

6-seater long slide, breathe on the left

4s, breathe left

2, breathe left

You can sometimes see asterisks on moves of 8 or 9. So don't overdo it at the beginning so that the lifeguard doesn't have to revive you.

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Alexander Beham

Alexander Beham

Man kann das Lungenvolumen nicht durch Training vergrößern

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