Blackroll: Die zehn besten Übungen

The little black dress for at home: the deep-acting fascia roller is a proven classic for relieving muscle hardening and accelerating regenerative processes. A fascial massage is comparable to an intensive sports massage, which not only addresses the superficial but also the deeper muscle groups. You can easily learn the technique of a soothing fascia massage and use it almost every day to relax particularly stressed muscles. The fascia massage stimulates the regeneration of tense muscles and stuck fascia, which feel wonderfully soft after the treatment.

We show you ten exercises with the Blackroll for the whole body. Lay the roll on the floor, put your body on it and roll - it feels so good.

Exercise 1: calves

This exercise is a delight for tight runners' calves. Sit on the floor with your legs straight and place the Blackroll under your calves. The weight rests on the supported arms, the bottom is lifted. Slowly roll over both calves at the same time five times. Experienced users can also do the exercise on one leg. To do this, the other leg is bent and placed on the mat.

Exercise 2: Po

Place your buttocks on the Blackroll, tighten your stomach and slowly roll over both buttocks five times at the same time.

Exercise 3: Lower Back

Anyone who often comes home from the office with back pain should do this exercise. Place the Blackroll on your lower back, tighten your stomach and cross your arms in front of your chest. In this floating state, slowly roll over the lower back five times.

Exercise 4: Upper Back

This exercise on the wall is a blessing for all those with back problems. Pinch the blackroll in the upper back, let your shoulders sag and make small up and down movements with a straight back. The advantage of the wall is that the roll - in contrast to the mat - cannot slip.

Exercise 5: Neck

Tension in the neck can be relieved with this exercise. Lay the Blackroll on your neck, stretch your head slightly and roll up and down minimally.

Exercise 6: Abductors

Many are tense on the outside of the thighs, but hardly notice it. To relax the abductors, get into the side plank and place the Blackroll under the lateral thigh. The weight is on the roller, the top leg is bent on the mat. Rest your upper arm on your bent knee. Roll five times, then switch legs.

Exercise 7: Adductors

The inner thighs also want to be massaged. To do this, go into the forearm support, spread one leg to the side and bend your hips and knees 90 degrees. The Blackroll is placed under this leg and rolled up and down five times. Then switch legs.

Exercise 8: Thighs

Get on the plank and place the blackroll under the front of your thighs. The torso is tense, the toes are allowed to touch the floor. Slowly roll from hip to knee five times, then turn body and massage hamstrings.

Exercise 9: Shin

Same starting position, just place the blackroll under your shins and roll 5 times.

Exercise 10: soles of the feet

The best comes last: take off your shoes, support your arms at your sides and bend your legs. Roll five times on both soles of your feet at the same time. Feels like a reflexology massage for stressed feet.

Photos: Nora Reim

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