30. Steinbecker Triathlon am 18. Juni 2023

"Swim - Bike - Run & Fun" - that is the Steinbecker Triathlon. What began in 1991 with 50 athletes in Turnbuxen and on Mama's Dutch bike in the forest outdoor pool is now a highly professional triathlon spectacle that attracts athletes from near and far to the small town on the Mittelland Canal. Three distances are on offer, the ShortMan, an Olympic distance and the SteelMan, a middle distance that has it all. The whole thing is rounded off by a relay triathlon.

Experience the fascination of triathlon in Steinbeck: emotions, enthusiasm, passion. Speed, strength, endurance, will.

The fight against the clock. The shared experience as a squadron. Feel the elements, experience nature. Give everything. Reach the goal - you made it.

"Small place - big sport" is the motto of our experienced organizing team. More than a quarter of a century of experience, passion and a lot of attention to detail have created a unique feel-good climate at the Steinbecker Triathlon, both for the ambitious athlete and for the amateur athlete. Short distances, a clear, central transition zone directly on the Mittelland Canal, a unique swimming course, top signage, homemade cakes - all this is Steinbeck. be there

Further information and registration on the homepage of the organizer:


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