Trainingspläne für Einsteiger, Finisher und Racer

From now on you will find high-quality training plans for structured and targeted preparation for your next competition highlight. The plans are designed for different performance levels (beginners, amateur athletes, advanced, top athletes) and build up the training over several weeks so that you are in top form at the starting line on day X. The first plans for the sprint/people's distance and the Olympic distance are already online!

The advantages:

  • sports-scientific structuring of the entire training period
  • detailed descriptions of each individual training session - swimming, cycling, running, athletic/stabile training & pull rope workouts
  • Don't think twice - just train what's planned
  • demanding, new training impulses - get out of the same rhythm
  • greater motivation to exercise
  • Regeneration phases are taken into account

In addition, each plan includes extensive documentation and important information on training methodology, determination of individual training areas, training terms and their meanings and much more

The training plans are provided on the Trainingpeaks training platform.

Training plan expert: Stephan Schepe
Stephan is a qualified sports scientist and licensed triathlon trainer. As an experienced triathlete, he can look back on several successful Ironman participations. As a trainer, he looks after individual athletes and sports groups of all skill levels. Stephan is also the bike fitting expert and specialist in performance diagnostics.


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