Mammutmarsch Nürnberg: Saucony Guide 15 im Härtetest

The best way to test shoes is to wear them.

Sven Buschhardt is a passionate extreme hiker and the store manager at the Landshut Running Center. He tested the Saucony Guide 15 to the limit for you at the mammoth march in Nuremberg. We show you his impressions.

The planning

On June 18, 2022, two special premieres took place in Nuremberg.

The first premiere was an extreme hiking event , which was divided into two route variants. Participants could choose between a 30 kilometer and a 55 kilometer march. Since I am a passionate hiker who is always looking for new challenges, I chose the 55 km long variant.

The second premiere was an endurance test of a different class...


About a month ago I spoke to Ralph Schick, CEO of Shop. We talked about hikes and marches, about what shoes and feet have to do every day.

We came up with the unusual idea of ​​testing the shoes we offer under difficult conditions at a mammoth march event . Since I tend to overpronate (buckling/inward), we decided on the Guide 15 from Saucony.

As planned, my long-awaited adventure started on June 18, 2022 at 7:30 a.m. and the second premiere associated with it, as already mentioned above. The Saucony Guide 15 in endurance test .

The test

Since I'm generally the type of person who likes to do sports and try new things, my excitement subsided relatively quickly. And as quickly as my excitement subsided, I completed the first 20 kilometers just as quickly.

With an outside temperature of around 37 degrees Celsius, the Saucony Guide 15, which weighs just 269 grams, was a fitting blessing. The first kilometers of my sub 12 hour adventure consisted of tarmac, a hardened sub-soil covered with a layer of gravel and an aid station.

After I had strengthened myself at the refreshment station, I set off again with the rest of the herd of mammoths, as they were affectionately called by the organizers. The joint march led through a nearby forest. Since the route was unfamiliar to me and I never really knew what to expect, I could only rely on my surefootedness and the stability of the Guide 15.

Also interesting

I used the supply points planned by the organizer to check myself and my equipment. I already rated my shoes at the respective controls and was able to deal even more intensively with the Guide 15 from Saucony.

Thanks to its cushioning, its breathable mesh upper and its distinctive stability, the Guide 15 by Saucony is more than just a shoe suitable for everyday use. In addition, its light weight makes it an excellent running and training partner.

Discover your Saucony Guide 15

This is how the running experience of your dreams finally becomes a reality.


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