CHALLENGE ROTH 2023: Damenkonkurrenz im Weltmeisterformat

Two days after the announcement of the men's starting field, the women's competition was also announced today. With Chelsea Sodaro, Daniela Ryf and Anne Haug, the world champions of the last seven years are together at the starting line.

There has never been such a top field in a long-distance race outside of Hawaii. With Anne Haug, Daniela Ryf and the reigning Kona winner Chelsea Sodaro, three world champions and two Roth winners fight for the title at the CHALLENGE ROTH. Laura Philipp also makes her debut in the Home of Triathlon. In addition , Fenella Langridge, Laura Siddall, Lisa Norden and Ruth Astle ensure an exciting race at an absolutely world-class level on June 25th.

Can Anne Haug make the hat trick?

The two-time Roth winner and 2019 World Champion will have a home game in the battle of the world's best triathletes. Born in Bayreuth, she triumphed impressively in Roth in both 2021 and 2022. She knows the course inside and out. Can she use the home advantage against the strongest competition so far?

World record time in danger

In 2011, Chrissie Wellington set the still valid long-distance world record time of 8:18:13 hours - in Roth! Of course, the triathlon series winner of recent years , Daniela Ryf, does not want to miss such a race. With five world championship titles over the long distance and two Roth victories, she is considered by many to be the best triathlete of all time. After 2016 and 2017, the 35-year-old will compete in the world's largest long-distance triathlon for the third time. Also in 2016 she set her personal best in Roth with 8:22:04. After eighth place in Hawaii, she definitely wants to attack the top seeds again in a big race in 2023.

Like Chelsea Sodaro, Laura Philipp will also make her CHALLENGE ROTH debut in 2023 after having to cancel her start in 2019 at short notice due to an injury. Of all current female athletes, Philipp has the fastest personal best time of 8:18:20. At IM Hamburg 2022, that was just seven seconds slower than Chrissie Wellington's world record in Roth in 2011.

Here is an overview of the women's starting field:





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