Neoprenanzüge 2023 - die große Übersicht

This article serves as an introduction to the 2023 neoprene season and is intended to give you an overview of the different manufacturers and their models. Almost all models can be sorted into one of three categories regardless of the manufacturer: entry-level neos, all-rounders and top models. Some brands have one model for each category, while others have two models per category - usually one high buoyancy and one low buoyancy. This article is initially intended to provide a general overview; we will present all models in more detail in the coming weeks.

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Here is an overview by manufacturer:


Sailfish is one of the most popular neoprene brands. The manufacturer from Germany offers a very wide range of different suits for different needs. Above all, the very soft, supple material and an excellent fit inspire many athletes.

IPS Plus 3

  • Top model for swimmers looking for buoyancy
  • maximum swimming properties
  • maximum freedom of movement
  • maximum lift

G range 8

  • Top model for swimmers with a good position in the water
  • maximum swimming properties
  • maximum freedom of movement
  • moderate buoyancy

one 7

  • superior all-rounder for swimmers looking for strong buoyancy
  • very soft, elastic material
  • high freedom of movement for efficient swimming, even over long distances

attack 7

  • All-rounder with moderate buoyancy
  • excellent fit, high freedom of movement
  • very suitable for all distances


  • Beginners, open water
  • thinner material thickness: less buoyancy, but also reduced protection against the cold compared to other neos
  • very good freedom of movement for an entry-level model


In our neoprene test swims, we saw the biggest increases in popularity for Huub. Named after the scientist Professor Huub Toissant, who is largely responsible for the development of the Neos, the manufacturer relies on innovative material processing to make the Neos fast, flexible and comfortable. Men's and women's models differ in material thickness and buoyancy: men's models (3:5) slightly thicker, more buoyancy / women's models (3:3) thinner, lighter, less buoyancy.

Agilis 3:5 men / Agilis 3:3 women

  • Top model for new records
  • maximum swimming properties & freedom of movement
  • Men's higher / women's moderate buoyancy

Pinnacle 3:5 men / Aura 2 3:3 women

  • flexible all-rounder
  • Men high buoyancy with additional hip stabilization / women moderate buoyancy
  • were among the most popular models on the 2022 Neotest Tour

Aegis X 3:5 Men / Aegis X 3:3 Women

  • upscale entry-level neo
  • Men strong / women moderate buoyancy
  • very good freedom of movement for the entry-level segment

Araya men / women

  • Entry-level neo designed more for comfort than maximizing performance
  • Men's & women's model with the same buoyancy properties (medium)
  • sufficient freedom of movement


Zone3 stands for swimming, cycling and running. The brand was founded in 2006 by former triathlon professional James Lock and focuses on environmentally friendly production of wetsuits from recycled materials. The fact that wetsuits and trisuits from the English manufacturer have been voted triathlon product of the year shows that environmental compatibility and quality do not contradict each other.

Vanquish-X Men's / Women's

  • Top model for the highest demands on flexibility and swimming properties
  • Men strong / women moderate buoyancy

Aspire men / women

  • award-winning all-rounder
  • great fit, remarkable flexibility, balanced buoyancy
  • quick to put on and take off

Vision men / women

  • performance-oriented entry-level neo
  • strong level of buoyancy & stabilization of the water position
  • Speed-Flo technology to reduce water resistance

Advance gentlemen / ladies

  • robust entry-level neo that reliably reflects the core properties:
  • good cold protection
  • elevated buoyancy
  • stable water position


Zoot a clearly structured neoprene line that makes a really good impression in terms of quality. The three models Kona, Bolt and Wikiwiki have been further developed for 2023 and represent the classic categories entry-level, middle class and top model.

Wikiwiki 3.0

  • Top model, maximum flexibility
  • super thin 0.3mm FLEXskin material in the entire arm and shoulder area
  • maximum swimming properties & freedom of movement
  • good, balanced buoyancy behavior

Bolt 2.0

  • All-rounder, very well usable for all distances
  • strong buoyancy
  • very good mobility, efficient gliding phase

Kona 2.0

  • entry-level neo
  • very suitable for all short triathlon/swimming distances
  • higher level of lift
  • good mobility

Blue Seventy

The successful models of the American neoprene specialist have already carried many professionals and age group athletes through the water to top places in countless races. Well-known successful models, newly revised, form the basic framework for 2022.


  • Top model with ultimate freedom of movement
  • maximum lift
  • lowest use of force, highest pulling efficiency
  • Top-down zip (hook up, close down)


  • completely revised all-rounder
  • Strong buoyancy (5mm), thin arm section (1.5mm), very good mobility
  • low-cut neckline


  • upscale entry-level model
  • medium buoyancy
  • good mobility


The "Propel" neoprene series from 2XU will continue unchanged in 2023, there are no changes to the previous season.

Propel Pro

  • top model
  • maximum swimming properties & freedom of movement
  • balanced buoyancy behavior

Propel P:2

  • Mid-range all-rounder
  • strong buoyancy
  • very good mobility

Propel P:1

  • entry-level model
  • also buoyant
  • good/sufficient mobility for beginner distances (sprint/olympic)

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